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Tales From The Kingdom Of Sitawaka

Tales from the Kingdom of Sitawaka - offers a fascinating exploration of the tumultuous history and vibrant culture of the Sitawaka Kingdom in Sri Lanka. Through a collection of captivating stories and historical narratives, the book brings to life the dynamic personalities, epic battles, and intricate political intrigues that shaped the kingdom's rise and fall. From the reign of its ambitious rulers to the clash of civilizations with European colonial powers, each tale offers a window into the rich tapestry of Sitawaka's history. With vivid storytelling and meticulous research, "Tales from the Kingdom of Sitawaka" provides readers with a vivid portrayal of this pivotal period in Sri Lankan history, offering both entertainment and enlightenment for history enthusiasts and general readers alike.

Rs 620.00

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Publisher : Vijitha Yapa Publishers

ISBN       : 9789556653571

Pages      : 75

Weight     : 180g

Binding    : Soft Binding

Name      : Tales From The Kingdom Of Sitawaka

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Vijitha Yapa Publishers
Olaganwatte Chandasiri Thero


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