What The Buddha Taught
What The Buddha Taught - This is a lucid account within the grasp of every body, of fundamental principles of Buddhist doctrine and its philosophy.
Rs 950.00
The Ten Perfection
The Ten Perfection - This Book, Ten Perfections is a memorable and  an  important one for children who wish to learn " Dhamma" in day to day life.
Rs 230.00
Notes On Dhamma - Volume 1
Notes On Dhamma - Volume 1 - This is the first volume of a larger edition "Clearing the Path" written by Ven.Nanavira. It is acclaimed as the most important book of book of the century.
Rs 300.00
The Way To Peace And Happiness
The Way To Peace And Happiness - A penetrating study into the teaching of Gotama the Buddha according to the Theravada tradition.
Rs 270.00
Nibbana - Happiness Supreme
Nibbana - Happiness Supreme - A lucid exposition that Nibbana is neither extinction or existence, but a realisation of supreme Happiness..
Rs 110.00
Essentials Of Buddhism
Essentials Of Buddhism - This is a basic book on Buddhism and useful as a reference book.
Rs 130.00
Key Elements Of The Buddha S Teaching
Key Elements Of The Buddha S Teaching - Mr. Palitha Mapatuna expatiates the deep and profound aspects of the Dhamma, doctrines that are unique to Buddhism. It is interesting reading for those who want to get a better and advanced understanding of Buddhism.
Rs 325.00
Beauty Of The White Lotus
This booklet is an attempt to explain in simple and clear terms the supreme qualities of the Buddha.
Rs 150.00
Introducing Buddhism
Introducing Buddhism - Gives a brief Summary of the Teachings.
Rs 100.00
I - Ing And My - Ing
I - Ing And My - Ing - The thought of "I" and "Mine" generally attributed to as coming from the illusory ego are conventional and in the ultimate sense there is neither "I" nor "Mine." An anthology of articles written by Palitha Manchanayaka.. 
Rs 300.00
Dependent Arising
Here in is found a detailed description of one of the most central concepts of Buddhism that of "dependent arising or Paticcasamupadha" according to the Pali canon of the Theravada school Buddhism.
Rs 750.00
Let Us See Buddhism
An introduction to Vipassana Meditation (based on Dhamma Hadaya TV Discussions)
Rs 500.00
Yatharthaya, Vimukthiya Saha Budu Dahama
යථාර්ථය විමුක්තිය සහ බුදු දහම - මූලික වශයෙන් වඩාත් පැරණි යැයි පිළිගැනෙන පාළි සූත‍්‍ර දේශනා මෙන්ම තදනුබද්ධ අට්ඨකථාවන් ද ප‍්‍රාමාණික විද්වතුන් විසින් ලියා පළකොට ඇති ද්විතීයික මූලාශ‍්‍රය ද ඇසුරුකොට විවිධ මාතෘකා යටතේ සම්පාදනය කරන ලද මූලික බෞද්ධ ඉගැන්වීම් පිළිබද ශාස්ත‍්‍රීය ලිපි කිහිපයක් මෙහි සංග‍්‍රහ කොට ඇත. 
Rs 320.00
Fundamentals Of Buddhist Polity
An in-depth study into the system of government envisaged by the Buddha, its pollical and economic principles, agricultural policies, foreign affairs and attitude towards war. Prof. Oliver Abeynayake deals extensively with the way in which the society during the time of the Buddha evolved from primitive beginnings and what psychological instincts were dominant during the various phases of its evolution. In the end, its all about the unique contribution made by one of the Master Minds of the Indo-Aryan civilization towards the political ethos of the world.
Rs 400.00
Karma And Rebirth
A paper written by Prof. Lily de Silva to clear some misconception that are prevalent in contemporary society regarding the Buddhist theory of Karma. 
Rs 70.00
Theory of Karma in Buddhism
A simple introduction to the Buddhist theory of Karma by Mrs. Geethi Karunaratne; gives an overview and a prelude to prepare the amateur reader for reading and delving deep into Abidharmic Interpretation of the same theory.
Rs 100.00
Buddhism In A Nutshell
Buddhism in a Nutshell was first published in 1933. It become so popular among the readers that it was reprinted a number of times. The author of this book, Ven. Narada Maha Thera was an erudite scholar who did yeoman service to the spread of Buddhism both nationally and internationally.
Rs 450.00
A Gist Of Dhamma
An excellent book encouraging the study of the teachings of the Buddha contained in the Sutrapitaka. 
Rs 110.00
Questions And Answers In Buddhism - ( Volume 2)
This book is a Continuation of the book Question and Answers in Buddhism Volume 1. The Questions contained in this book were taken from speaking engagements at interfaith conferences, University seminars, and Dhamma Classes in Winnipeg.
Rs 360.00
Questions And Answers In Buddhism - ( Volume 1)
This book includes questions asked by student of the Dhamma and covers such topics as: Why Should I believe in rebirth? What is the Buddhist viewpoint on capital punishment? And Why are there inequalities among marking?
Rs 250.00
Letters - Volume II
Correspondences of Ven.Nanavira thera with a number of distinguished personalities forming the second volume of  "Clearing the Path" - a masterpiece !
Rs 630.00
Loving And Dying
How to face death serenely, if possible with a smile? The author shares his understanding of death and dying, and reveals the technique of contemplation of death.
Rs 250.00
Good Question Good Answer
A modern catechism of Buddhism clearing most of the queries a novice may  likely to encounter regarding Buddhism..
Rs 150.00
Pragmatism in Buddhism
Mr.J.P.Pathirana's latest publication in English "Pragmatism in Buddhism' will undoubtedly touch the hearts of readers as his knowledge of the Dhamma and his writing - genius of a high standard. It should interest the general reader, the leaned, or any researcher who needs a deeper study of the Dhamma.
Rs 260.00